Unapologetically Eli

San Francisco, California

Eli turned three last week and I am still in denial. She is our third, restless, assertive, willful, lovely baby girl that’s slowly becoming less and less baby. 

This tiny shoot happened a few months back in South Florida and she gave me a whole 5 minutes to make something happen. You can’t plan with her. You must go and do with no expectations. I love that about her.  She is so into the moment that averting her focus is not an option. 

She’s our explorer of magic unknown. Full of mystery. Deep and intriguing.

Filled with chance and hope / Runs without looking / Lives in the now with all senses synched / Sunlight in darkness / A flood of spontaneity, love, and warmth / Brilliant/ Jumping in puddles / Hands in the mud / Feeling earth barefoot / Leaping arms wide open / Fearless / Erupting with emotions / Singing out loud / Fiery / Sweet / Sassy… 

She is unapologetically Eli. 

And I would not want her any other way! I love you just how you are Eli! 

Happy Third Birthday Toto!