Golden-light Memories…

San Francisco, California

After a long blogging hiatus, I am back! Back to share all the moments that eventually become your story; a story worth telling. 

Meet Jesse, Katie, Sawyer, Rownan and Rocky.  

They were made for family. Last summer, they purchased a farm where they would have ample space to fulfill their dream of living off their own land, homeschool their kiddos and embrace life as it happens. In the fall, they opened their doors for me and my camera and we made magic. 

Despite the wispy tall grass that Jesse (mistakenly) mowed earlier that morning and the fact that I missed out on capturing the first fleeting days of their new calf, the deep colors, the fall-ish air, the sunlight and shadows it casted all aligned beautifully and it was perfect!  We spent an evening of laughter, exploring and making golden-light memories lined with homemade love.

Last fall, their in-home family session ignited my mommy heart. My family sessions became more about letting all moments evolve naturally and guiding families to play more and pose less. To create memories of what childhood is all about; true moments of happiness. To capture the beauty of family life found in the small and oftentimes unnoticed moments. A time spent loving on each other without fancy props to distract from what truly matters; memories that, one day, will reach deep in us.

Thanks, Jesse, Katie, Sawyer, Rownan and Rocky for always making it worth telling.