Unapologetically Eli

San Francisco, California

Eli turned three last week and I am still in denial. She is our third, restless, assertive, willful, lovely baby girl that’s slowly becoming less and less baby. 

This tiny shoot happened a few months back in South Florida and she gave me a whole 5 minutes to make something happen. You can’t plan with her. You must go and do with no expectations. I love that about her.  She is so into the moment that averting her focus is not an option. 

She’s our explorer of magic unknown. Full of mystery. Deep and intriguing.

Filled with chance and hope / Runs without looking / Lives in the now with all senses synched / Sunlight in darkness / A flood of spontaneity, love, and warmth / Brilliant/ Jumping in puddles / Hands in the mud / Feeling earth barefoot / Leaping arms wide open / Fearless / Erupting with emotions / Singing out loud / Fiery / Sweet / Sassy… 

She is unapologetically Eli. 

And I would not want her any other way! I love you just how you are Eli! 

Happy Third Birthday Toto!


Love Him Forever

San Francisco, California

Lately, I have been making more of an effort to photograph your moments in your own homes because there just isn’t a better place. 

Meet Jeff, Danielle, and Baby Hudson. 

As I drove to the Baker home, I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. If you know Danielle and Jeff, then you would understand my happiness to see them again. 

When I walked into their home, I noticed everything was different. The air was filled with the distinct joys, fears and the love a new baby brings. 

Baby Hudson had arrived and you could tell. Their love was found in small details everywhere;  the textured wallpaper that daddy installed perfectly framing his crib, the soft navy blue monogrammed blanket, the books in the shelf ready to be read to him, and the chair that would witness countless of hours of caressing soft whispers. 

This session was a peek into the perfectly crafted space Hudson will look at everyday. As Hudson grows, these images, despite the physical change his home will undergo over time, will remind him of home as it was and felt. 

Something tells me they are going to love him forever!

Thanks Jeff and Danielle for allowing me to capture the moments that will remain in your hearts forever.


One more Time

San Francisco, California

Struck by pure love one more time.

I first met Shirley, Filippo, and soon-to-be big brother Gianluca at the popular Matheson Hammock Park for Shirley’s maternity session.

Shirley was radiant. Just a beautiful mix of sweetness, elegance, and serenity. Here and there, between shots, while posing Shirley, I could see Filippo looking at her in the most loving and admiring way. Their love and warmth as partners and parents is real magic, of the good kind. 

Baby Filippo made them a family of four a couple of months later. They came into my tiny studio and filled the room with their authentic love and it was obvious that they love baby Filippo as much as they love Gianluca.

I witnessed how they evolved and grew as a family and how their love multiplied in equal parts. No dilution of love here; it still flowed strong and deep despite the sleep depravation that ensues the first days of life of a new baby. They were happy and it showed and I loved it. 

Thank you Shirley and Filippo for trusting me with your precious memories!

Location: Matheson Hammock Park, Miami, FL                                                                  

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Worth The Wait

San Francisco, California

Meet Maria and Robert. They are patiently waiting for baby _______! Yes, people, that blank line means that they are waiting until birth to find out their baby’s gender! 

I don’t know how they do it. 

I had three pregnancies and for every single one WEEK 16 was highlighted on my calendar with little pink and blue hearts.  I created countdown alarms in case the visual reminder and appointment confirmations were to fail.  I let my mom swing my wedding ring over my belly to see if it swung round and round for a baby girl or back and forth for a baby boy. I counted the little blocks on all the Chinese gender prediction calendars I could possibly find on Google and even let little old ladies at the supermarket predict my baby’s gender based on the shape of my belly! 

I have to say, though, Maria and Robert's decision says a lot about them and, in my humble opinion, prepares them for the days to come. To forego control now means that they will be prepared later for the mystery, magic and everything outside our control that a new baby brings about. 

Having a baby is a big deal, not knowing what you are having will magnify the feeling of that momentous moment exponentially. If you asked me, there is no better surprise more worth the wait.  

Congratulations you two! I can’t wait to meet and photograph your much awaited baby!


Golden-light Memories…

San Francisco, California

After a long blogging hiatus, I am back! Back to share all the moments that eventually become your story; a story worth telling. 

Meet Jesse, Katie, Sawyer, Rownan and Rocky.  

They were made for family. Last summer, they purchased a farm where they would have ample space to fulfill their dream of living off their own land, homeschool their kiddos and embrace life as it happens. In the fall, they opened their doors for me and my camera and we made magic. 

Despite the wispy tall grass that Jesse (mistakenly) mowed earlier that morning and the fact that I missed out on capturing the first fleeting days of their new calf, the deep colors, the fall-ish air, the sunlight and shadows it casted all aligned beautifully and it was perfect!  We spent an evening of laughter, exploring and making golden-light memories lined with homemade love.

Last fall, their in-home family session ignited my mommy heart. My family sessions became more about letting all moments evolve naturally and guiding families to play more and pose less. To create memories of what childhood is all about; true moments of happiness. To capture the beauty of family life found in the small and oftentimes unnoticed moments. A time spent loving on each other without fancy props to distract from what truly matters; memories that, one day, will reach deep in us.

Thanks, Jesse, Katie, Sawyer, Rownan and Rocky for always making it worth telling.